Fashion Film Internship: Rianna Phillips Desinger


Working for Rianna Phillips was exciting and I felt like I was able to claim my own independence interning for her. She directed me to create two films for her new collection. This was a big achievement for me as I specialize my work with fashion film making. The first film to be created is a behind the scenes film my friend Sion (a film student) and I both worked on and filmed the process of the photography shoot throughout the day. I wanted to capture as much as I could from the hair and makeup, to the direction of photography. I set both cameras to high brightness setting and a high resolution as from looking at Rianna’s work she has a very clean, crisp look to her collections. I edited the film to show shadows between each clip. I did this to show how time of the day goes quickly whilst filming. Below is the behind the scenes film I have filmed and edited. The music is by Oisin Baber.

Rianna Phillips Website:

Music Composed by Oisin Baber

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