Art Direction: ΔT&Exertion

Both of these Films describe elements of my prints design on my dance sports wear. I wanted to show a visual way of how the prints would change colour on the sports wear, by using a projection onto the dancers body you can see the designs changing colour as she moves.

Contemporary Dancer Ina Colizza


I created this film to describe how the flower thermochromic prints change colour whilst doing exercise. Thermochromic ink changes colour with heat so as a print design the colour of the print transforms into a different colour. The projection of changing colour flowers in this piece is to represent a feminine and natural process to my sports wear print design.


This film represent the glitch digital print in my sports wear. I have distorted the film to give it that glitch effect. The digital ‘glitch’ design is important in my sports wear as it shows a modern & geometric aspect to my project.



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