Sports Wear Photoshoot & Fashion Film

Fashion Film

I worked with Ballet Dancer Chloe Bellou on this fashion film. She was such an amazing dancer to work with and understood my direction and worked well with both the cinematographer Orson Ramskill-Pugh and the makeup artist Auguste Siciunaite. This film was located in Manchester, Corner House in one of the cinema suites.

Ballet Dancer: Chloe Bellou

Makeup Artist: Auguste Siciunaite

cinematographer: Orson Ramskill-Pugh

Sports Wear Shoot

This shoot was located in Bristol Bedminster a roof top above a block of flats. This was a good location to Photograph my sports wear. I worked with  Art Director/Photographer Ella Dovey on this shoot. It was a pleasure to work with Ella Dovey she came up with new and interesting ideas for this sports wear shoot and understood my outlook on how I wanted my sports wear to be advertised. Both me and Ella Contributed to Photography of this shoot to find the best angels and Positions for each photograph. The model Samantha Jay worked well on set and Ella Baggott did a beautiful job of the makeup gave some good suggestions on set and was a great help assisting the model.

Art Director/Photographer: Ella Dovey

Model: Samantha Jay

Makeup Artist:Ella Baggott



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